How to qualify and Register for NYSC in Nigeria 2022/23

How to qualify and Register for NYSC in Nigeria 2022/23

How to qualify and Register for NYSC in Nigeria 2022/23

NYSC is an acronym for National Youth Service Corps which is a scheme established by Yakubu Gowon in the year May 22nd, 1973.  The scheme was established to bring unity towards different ethnic groups because of diversity nature of the country. It is the only scheme in Nigeria that is  compulsory for graduates in Accredited Nigeria Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education.

How to qualify (criteria for participation) for NYSC program in Nigeria 2022/23

Because it is an organized scheme, hence there are some conditions and criteria for taking part into the scheme. One of the condition before taking part is that you must be a less than 30 years or else you will be issued exemption letter. The graduate will not be eligible if he or she is 30 or above from the date of graduation. Also graduates cannot apply for exemption letter  unless they are disable or might have served in military or paramilitary for a period of more than one year. Also graduates that studied part-time are only given exemptions.

  Advantages of Participating in the NYSC Program

  1. NYSC scheme is very important for employment for Government agencies or even some private agencies.
  2. Also from this scheme, graduates are privileged to have more experience and as well learn new skill. The new skills are channeled into S.A.E.D (skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development).
  3. Also the CDS (community development service) program being organized by NYSC helps the corps members to develop their host communities throughout the period of service.
  4. Corp members have also to learn new things like cultures  from the new environment they found themselves.

Objectives of NYSC program

There are many objectives  of NYSC. Click here to read all of them.

Criticisms towards NYSC program in NIgeria

There  are criticisms towards the program that the money paid in the scheme is very little compared to the stress inputted into it. NYSC corps members encounter security challenges recently.  Also a quite number of people have been killed in the scheme and no compensation has been given to them out of political, ethnic and religious violence.  Also endangering the lives of citizens has been considered recently. Insecurity is the current challenge of the residents of the country.

How to enroll for NYSC program in Nigeria 2022/23

For enrollment into the program, you must have completed the duration for the course of study. After the completion of the duration, your institution must also be recognized. Also it is important to finish up your clearance process in the institution which will carryout mobilization process. Before you are considered as a graduate, the school senate must have approved you been fit both in character and in learning to make a particular grade point. Mobilization process is carried out by the institution using your Jamb registration number. Your admission must be recognized by JAMB using JAMB registration number as a your unique identity.

NYSC guidelines for Registration/Mobilization

The following are NYSC guidelines for registration

The website for registration are,,

Also read all guidelines using the link below

Read full NYSC guidelines on Registrations

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