Reading Habits that guarantees Excellent Result to students

Reading Habits that guarantees Excellent Result to students

Reading Habits that guarantees Excellent Result to students


Sometimes students seek for better habits that will help them to achieve greater grades in the school system. If you are one of those that has been looking for proven system that works in a country like Nigeria and beyond, then feel free to choose the habit that works for you in our post. In this post we are going to explain in details the habits with the advantages and disadvantages, then it is up to you to make your choice.

List of Reading Habits that students can practice for excellent result are as follows:

Night Reading, Early Morning Reading, Reading with Music  or Noisy area, Reading with friends or discussion groups, Isolated Reading.

Night Reading

This is the most popular type of reading among students whereby one make maximum use of night period to read. Although this works for some people while others find it very difficult to do because it it might be difficult to them. So many students usually carryout night reading because during day time the stress and noisy environment makes it difficult to gasp knowledge from their books hence during night period, there’s conducive environment for them to study more.

Now let us look at the advantage and disadvantages of night reading. The advantage include that you have longer hours to read (from possibly 7pm- 6am the next day). Again you have the tendency of having a quiet atmosphere to read. A calm atmosphere helps one to concentrate more and understand without interference s especially people that live around non residential areas.

Also the disadvantages include that it requires proper planning because you will have greater tendency to get weak easily because night period have been designed naturally for rest so if you do not at least have a nap in the afternoon, it will be difficult for you to achieve alot.  Furthermore, after having marathon reading in the previous night, it may affect your activities in the day time of the next day by making you to be weak. Though some people also try to use some substances that inhibit sleep like cofee, tramadol, marijuana etc. It is quite true that these substances may have some psychological negative effects.

Early Morning Reading

This is another habit of reading that is worth taking note of. In this type, people tend to wake up early in the morning between the hours of 4am to 9am. Quite a number of people have testified positively that it worked for them though it has its own disadvantages. The advantage is that one tends to have sound mind immediately one wakes up in the morning. Hence with the fresh sound mind, the brain tend to understand faster at that moment. So people tend to utilize the opportunity to read and understand things pertaining their academic pursuit. While the disadvantage include that most times it might be difficult to wake up at that early morning hours and may need you to use gadgets like alarms to achieve. Also it can make one get exhausted when you finish reading by 9am and also may affect your mental activities for the day.

Reading with Music  or Noisy area

Reading with music being played seem interesting to some people. Some people can actually feel comfortable when they read in an atmosphere filled with either noise or Music at the background. This makes some people nowadays to use earpiece to bring sounds closer to their hearing. Also these category of people tends to get bored easily and may even feel sleepy while reading in a calm environment. The advantage of reading in noisy environment include that you get lively and may sometimes get side attractions from those tunes you are listening to.  While the disadvantage of night reading is that sometimes some people might be carried away by the side attractions and might end up not understanding anything from what they are reading.

Reading with friends or discussion groups

Some people prefer to read with friends. They find it boring studying alone. This make them sometimes to join discussion classes where they will learn something from. This type of habit works for  people even if they have very low Intelligent quotient. Advantage of this is that various contributions from different parties during discussion class makes the understanding easy and as well carry everyone along. Also there tends to be competition between the parties which makes everyone to seek to dominate others and thereby making them to do more research while reading. Also it makes every person among the discussion group to be carried along.

The disadvantage of it is that these competition among friends makes some people to feel lazy and make them depend on what other people read and also it makes them segregate from people that doesn’t belong to their group. It also makes the people among them that have very high intelligent quotient level to have pride because they might feel like being too special, they may start requesting for special treatment and may leave the group if their demands are not met. Another disadvantage is that discussion groups slowdown reading speed because it is made of different class of person having different intelligent quotient levels.

Isolated Reading

Some people find this habit of reading very interesting. They tend to stay alone to read. Even if their friends want to join them, they will not agree. Also this kind of reading habit is also useful to some students especially the high intelligent quotient class because they feel they can achieve more reading in a quiet environment. One advantage is that the quiet place gives no distractions that might affect their study and also this type of reading habit encourages very fast reading speed. The disadvantage is that it might make one to have one sided understanding and as well as struggle in understanding difficult topics.


The above mentioned habits can help students to achieve excellent grades in their results and need to be applied in any field. Hence feel free to choose the type that works for you and you will enjoy it.

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