6 Important things to always consider before choosing a course and institution for yourself on Jamb

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6 Important things to always consider before choosing a course and institution for yourself on Jamb

So many times candidates makes wrong choices while choosing a course or institution to study during Jamb registration. This calls for concern because sometimes many end up getting admission but may either change their mind and will then reject the admission. Making the right choice of course and institution by oneself can be very difficult but in this post we are going to guide you on the guidelines on how to get it right and easier. They are discussed as follows:

1. Your Field of study

Before you choose a course or institution, you must consider checking your field of study. In the secondary school, you were asked to choose between arts, science and commercial, etc. If you had chosen arts, that means the o level you will have will be towards the arts subjects while if you chose science, it will be more of science subjects. Now if you want to study assuming for example a course like “Law” in the tertiary institution, your o’level subjects will be more of arts subjects. This means that you must at least obtain credit passes in Literature in English, English Language and three (3) other social or Arts subjects in your O’level (SSCE or NECO).  So this means that all courses has its minimum requirement and you must meet those criteria before being considered for admission. So before you choose a particular course in Jamb, kindly go through the brochure to know if you have meet the minimum requirement of the course. Do not assume, make sure you have already passed the subjects, if not,  kindly choose another course you are fit to study or you rewrite o’level and pass well.

2. Type of Institution to study a course

The type of course you  course you want to study also depends on the institution. Believe me that there are courses Universities offer, Polytechnics does not offer or Colleges of Education does not offer as well and vice versa.  For example you should’t be looking for law as a course in an institution like polytechnic or college of education. Hence before you choose an institution  or course in Jamb, kindly be aware whether it is a University or Polytechnic/monotechnic or college of Education that offers it. Please do not always assume, kindly go through jamb brochure for confirmation.

3. Accreditation of a course in an institution

So many aspirants go ahead in choosing a course in any institution without finding out whether the course exist there or not. When as aspirant choose a course that doesn’t exist in an institution, kindly note that the institution cannot admit you in that your chosen course because they cannot all of a sudden create a department and fix you inside it.  Accreditation is very important in choosing a particular course to study. It is not advisable to choose a course that has not been accredited. Accreditation is done either by the council that controls the course and Nigerian Universities commission (NUC). Having partial accreditation is  having only one of them while having full accreditation means having the two together.For example Law as a course has its own body in the country that controls  it called The Council of Legal Education (CLE)  as well as Nigeria Universities commission also. Accreditation helps one to be fully be registered as a professional after graduation.

4. Location or Catchment Area

While choosing a course to study in the tertiary institution, make sure you always check catchment area. You have more advantage when you choose a course within your catchment area. Federal universities have catchment areas in the whole part of the country while state universities have different catchment area. Catchment area is just an area that are preferentially treated. To know more about the catchment areas and institutions, kindly visit Jamb brochure, it will show you different Universities and as well as their catchment area.

5. Cost of Study

This is another important factor to consider before choosing a course or institution. Courses or departments in some institutions seem to pay more or spend more on school fees and other fees more than the other department. Also you have to be aware that private institutions tends to be more costly that government owned institutions. You don’t have to just choose any institution because they are offering your course, kindly go ahead to know the cost of acceptance fee, school fees and other clearance fees from beginning of the course to the finish. If you can afford it, then proceed but if you find it difficult, kindly change institution or course so as to avoid being stranded.

6. Whether your mental Energy or zeal is fit

Before you choose a course in Jamb, kindly checkout whether your intelligent quotient can carry it. Do not overweight yourself, it wont be nice if you start a course or institution and you didn’t finally finish it because what they are teaching  is too hard for you to understand. Always go for courses you know you can study comfortably in your chosen institution. Also always go for courses you know you have passion for. Having passion for a course will make you keep going without loosing energy at all.  Do not go for courses you do not have interest for.



In conclusion, making right decision towards your course and institution is very important and shouldn’t be joked with. This is because it concerns your future and academic pursuit. Kindly make sure you get it right.


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