How to Score 300+ in Jamb and Post Utme [Aptitude test] 2022/2023

How to Score 300+ in Jamb and Post Utme [Aptitude test] 2022/2023

How to Score 300+ in Jamb and Post Utme [Aptitude test] 2022/2023


You feel excited when you aim high and achieve better results than former. It is quite true that examination is not really the true test of knowledge but what is worth doing is worth doing well. The dream of everyone writing exam is to score very high mark. As a matter of fact, JAMB which is Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board conducts an exam called UTME that gives chance to aspirants of tertiary institutions to gain admission and study a course in their chosen career. The process commences from registration of the examination to checking of examination venue, taking the examination proper, release of cutoff mark and so on. When candidates have met the criteria to be considered admission into the tertiary institution, they are being granted admission. Any admission not granted by JAMB is regarded as illegal admission.

Aptitude test/post utme on the other hand is an examination a tertiary institution conducts for aspirants that meets the cutoff mark for that institution on Jamb. Hence the screening makes eligible candidates or aspirants to be screened again by the institution after meeting the jamb cutoff mark for the institution.

A whole lot of students that successfully gained admission will agree with me that writing the examination is not like taking a cup of coffee. It requires a very huge task. Some took some risks so that they will pass well. Also some courses in the tertiary institution requires high score in JAMB and are known as competitive courses while those one that doesn’t require high score as such are tagged as non competitive courses.

Whether an aspirant is going for non competitive courses or competitive courses, scoring very high both in Jamb and aptitude test is an advantage in getting  the course an aspirant chose in merit list. Because of the necessity of scoring very high score like 300 and above, aspirants need to heed to the guidelines below:

Hence below  lets look at the guidelines proper. They are Preparation with past questions, Reading wide with jotter, Maximizing time while writing examination, getting right information on admission, Having optimistic mindset and putting everything in the hands of God.

Guidelines on how to score 300+ in Jamb and Aptitude test/Post utme

  1. Preparation with past questions

Preparation of examination with past questions is very important and routine  habit that many aspirants neglect. Even if you are not use to it, just try and be practicing it. Practicing past questions will give you a clue of most likely questions you might be expecting in the examination hall. If you can attempt 95% of them, it builds your confidence and you will spend lesser time if you are opportune to meet those questions again inside the examination hall. Hence because of the enormous benefits derived from preparation of examination like Jamb, it is wise for aspirants to get Jamb past questions sold in the market and bookshops and practice with them. At least it the candidate can score 95% using past questions, if the questions are repeated in Jamb or aptitude test, it may make the candidate to score up to 80% in the real exam. Because jamb is marked over 400, scoring 80% is about 320 score which is  300+. They said practice makes perfection. Getting past questions and attempting the questions there is a good habit to start practicing.

2. Reading wide with jotter

While reading, making notes is a very good habit for excellent learners. When you jot, you make those important points very easy and accessible to you. Hence if you want to score high grade in Jamb and aptitude test/post utme, it is good to have notes. After making notes, make sure you always visit those things you jotted down. Practicing jotting as a habit will go a long way in helping you get use to main points you need to know.

3. Reading as many textbooks as you can

Getting knowledge that is broad is very important  especially when you are aiming a very high score like 300+. It will help you to answer as many questions and also increase you chances of being accurate in your choice of answers.

4. Maximizing time while writing examination

Time is a factor that requires management especially while writing examinations like Jamb and aptitude test. It is advisable to always attempt the questions that you know and skip the ones you cannot answer immediately and come back to them afterwards. Doing that will not only make you manage time but also a lot more time to those questions that are difficult.

5. Getting right information on admission

Getting the right information is very important because it makes you to know the necessary step to take so that you wont miss out anything concerning admission. It’s very good to join social media groups and get the best tips and information regarding newer updates. Having up to date information will help you score very high. Feel free to communicate with friends and ask questions where ever you are not clear with. It will make you not to miss road.

6. Having optimistic mindset and putting everything in the hands of God

Do not neglect your maker while preparing for exams. Despite the fact that the exam is a physical exercise. It is known that “if God doesn’t build a house, the builders are building in vain”. No matter any religion you worship, try to always be with your maker no matter what you believe. It is known also that the spiritual controls the physical. When you take charge and make declarations in spirit world, it makes you also have dominion over what happens around you in physical. Hence make prophetic declarations and align with God and always pray for his help. Once you do that, your little efforts will go a long way in making you excel.  Feel free to form it as a habit to always pray and put God first towards your reading and exams that God should take over everything and help you. God will help and direct your paths and also guide you towards areas the questions for the examinations may come from. Also have faith and positive mindset after praying.  Then if you aim very hig score like 300 and above, work hard and believe, God will help you achieve it with your little efforts.


In conclusion, if all activities above are in place, the sky will be your starting point. Getting very high score requires hard work and consistency. Getting excellent result requires some tasks, hence make sure you practice them. Scoring 300+ in Jamb and aptitude test can be easy and possible if you make proper planning. I wish you good luck.

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