5 Unique habits Nigerian students likes inculcating but hated by lecturers

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5 Unique habits Nigerian students likes inculcating but hated by lecturers

There are some habits students often show that lecturers aren’t comfortable with. Though students usually find it being fun to do. Some lecturers aside from frowning at them also tag those students as being un-serious with their studies which may on the long run may affect their performances.

Some students reading this article may like to know know those attitudes and characters that are not friendly. Below are list of them:

  1. Pressing mobile phones during lecture hours:

This is a very general habit by students in University system. Mobile phone is so common that it can be afford by student of any background. Students usually use the mobile phones for many purpose ranging from social media, marketing and so many tasks. Some students use mobile phones to do various businesses that fetch them daily income while in school that takes care of their expenses in school. Hence telling them not to press or operate phones is just like you are punishing them while some are just addicted to their phones. They are neither using it for business or social media but for something that aren’t adding value to their lives. Hence  lecturers frown at the habit of pressing or using phone while they are passing information across while in class. The lecturers feel they aren’t valued.

It is noteworthy that some lecturers even go ahead to either smash the phones despite how expensive it is or seize it and never return it back to their owners. Since there is time for everything, when a lecturer enters a class, it is respectful to abandon any task you are doing and pay attention to him or her, then after the lectures are over, you are free to continue it rather than combining it with lectures. And again to avoid distractions upon yourself. While the lecturer is teaching, if you do another activity it causes distractions and an important information might be passed across  which you may not get. Hence there are many disadvantages pressing phones while having lectures in the class.

2. Discussing while having lectures

This is another habit lecturers doesn’t like. Though freedom of speech is allowed but in learning environment like the University setting, it is not good having discussion while lectures are going on. Aside causing distractions among the parties involved, it also makes other students uncomfortable and causes nuisance to the environment .

Whether the topic they are discussing is in line with the teaching or not. It is advisable to ask questions if you are not clear with any part of the teaching so that it will be addressed properly than using it to generate noise.  Some lecturers handle this kind of scenario by either asking all individuals involved to stand up or as well ask them to leave the class environment or give them special punishment.

Students are advised to reduce the way they carryout discussion while having class lectures in class. Ask questions where you are confused and will be answered.

3. Attending Lectures without Notebook

This is another habit some university students exhibit and have the mind of copying or photocopying their friends notebook once exam timetable is out. During lectures they might not even pay attention or jot down what they are being taught. Even if the lecturer is dictating something, they usually feel lazy to write. This kind of habit shows high level of unseriousness towards lecturers and they count students that behaves this way to be one that may fail their course. Jotting down notes while the lecturer is teaching or dictating notes is a good habit while the opposite is not good at all.

This makes some lecturer sometimes tell students to submit their notes for marking. Some also may use the student’s notes for evaluation purposes like in place of test or quizzes for the course.

4. Dressing Indecently in the Class

It is said that the way you dress determines the way you will be addressed. Dressing really speaks a lot on the type of personality someone is. Some students usually dress indecently and it really passes negative words to  lecturers in the the class. Some opposite sex lecturers may get attracted sexually to the person and may wish to sleep with the person before he or she passes the person while some lecturers may even be distracted while teaching in class. Hence it is advisable to students to dress well before coming to the lecture hall so that you won’t fall victim to the effects of indecent dressing in the University.

5. Signing attendance via proxy

Taking of attendance during lectures is one of the custom in University system. It is used to know the number of serious students a lecturer have in a class. This is because no lecturer want to be teaching ghost students and hence will also like to know them by their names. So many times they like students to write their names on their attendance register either during lectures or after lectures. So some students may like to write the names of their other friends that did not attend the lectures. Then if the lecturer count the number of students that were present and compare it to the number of students written on the register, there will be difference. So lecturers usually frown at this behavior that students likes doing. Hence may not take it lightly with anyone that does it.


Habits listed here and many more are frowned at by University lecturers. Hence it is advisable that students should avoid it so as to create good lecturer-student relationship in the University environment.

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