6 Common Mistakes and Solutions University Aspirants do on JAMB that affects their admission in 2022

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6 Common Mistakes and Solutions University Aspirants do on JAMB that affects their admission in 2022

Candidates aspiring to gain admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria are always required partake compulsory examination exercise conducted by Jamb in 100 level using UTME while 200 level requires direct entry. It is very vital that candidates follow JAMB guidelines so that they will not make mistakes that will affect their admission process. Some common mistakes are made by these aspirants which sometimes is caused by not having idea about  some things they do. Hence below are some mistakes  that some admission seekers make while applying for Universities of their choice.

They are listed as follows:

1. JAMB Wrong subject combination

This is one of the factors that affects admission process for aspirants. Many of the aspirants doesn’t read the Jamb subject combination for different institutions provided for them during registration. Sometimes they get information from friends or relatives that might mislead hem to choose the subjects different from the one required by their chosen course of study. They might go on and select a one or more wrong subjects which might affect them being admitted despite their high scores.

Solution to JAMB Wrong subject combination:

There is no change of subjects after registration for a particular year. Hence, candidates should ensure that they make proper research on the correct subject combination before registration so that they will not make the mistake choosing wrong subjects for their chosen course of study.

2. Not knowing Jamb reprinting of Exam Date and Venue

Jamb exam date is very important and should be taken very serious. After registration of Jamb exam, some candidates doesn’t follow up information on the examination date. Jamb reprint exercise is very important because that is the only way to know your exam date and candidates have respective dates and venues to carry out their exams. So failure to do your reprint will make you not to take part in your exam and missing it will cause you to register for another exam the next year.

Solution to Not knowing Jamb reprinting to know Exam Date and Venue

It is of paramount importance to always try and stay updated on Jamb information throughout the year so that you wont miss out anything. Feel free to join social media groups that are relevant in giving out legit information. Some social media like Facebook, whatsapp,  Twitter and many more.

3. Failure in Checking of Jamb result

Candidates aspiring to get admission into tertiary institution through Jamb in 100level are required to partake in Utme examination after which their results will be released. Some candidates doesn’t care about checking of their results. Result checking is important because it will help the candidate know his or her chances in getting above the required cutoff mark and check whether it can go with the course chosen or need to change.

Solution to Failure in Checking of Jamb result

Every candidate that took exam are advised to check their Jamb result so that he or she will know his or her stand before cutoff marks will be released.

4. Not properly done Jamb change of Institution/Course

Jamb change of course/institution  gives room for candidates who wish to change the school or choice course that he or she chose during registration. Every institution have their respective cutoff marks before considering any candidate for admission process. So if the chances to be considered for admission is low in a particular institution, it is nice to change.

Solution to not properly done Jamb Change of Institution/Course

Before doing change of course or institution, it is proper to make your research on the previous years modalities used. Then if you are safe, no need to change it but if you are not, find alternative measures either by changing to a better institution or Course.

5. Not uploading  O’level Result to Jamb

Registering jamb and scoring high doesn’t guarantee your admission to reflect on JAMB CAPS unless you upload your o’level result. Uploading o’level result is necessary because according to Jamb policy, no o’level upload, no admission. Even if you are given admission, it  cannot appear or reflect on jamb CAPS. Once your admission doesn’t reflect on jamb caps, you might not be able to print your Jamb admission letter which serves as an evidence being given genuine admission.

Solution to not uploading O’level Result to Jamb

Make sure you upload your o’level on jamb caps. It is very easy to do. Just take your o’level and go to any nearest Jamb accredited computer based test center, they will do it for you

6. Unable to Accept admission on Jamb Caps

After given admission, some candidates doesn’t care about checking of their admission status. Some might have even gotten admission and may not know. And again, some might mistakenly reject their admission. Hence regular checking of jamb admission caps is very important since jamb is the only body in Nigeria that regulates admission process in tertiary institutions.

Solution to Unable to Accept admission on Jamb Caps

Always check your jamb caps so that you can accept your admission once it reflects. on time

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