Need to Revive Imo State University Owerri Student Union Government

Need to Revive Imo State University Owerri Student Union Government

Need to Revive Imo State University Owerri Student Union Government

It is true that student union government of Imo State University Owerri is a self-supporting body for students and an important section of the central Administration of the University. It is also welcomed that it isn’t mandatory that every student must take part in affairs of student union, the institution authorities expect all student to be financially involved in Student Union affairs for easier running of administration of students.

General Roles of SUG of Imo State Union Government

The SUG always make sure that the well-being in general as well as fostering academic accomplishment and harmony among students and promote absolute relationship of the institution with also other similar institutions.

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The SUG continues to find ways in serving students, alumni, staff and guest as the support of life on University environment; to provide an enabling condition for thriving of program which are of benefits towards educational, cultural, recreational, social and service activities; to cultivate leadership development in students; to provide appropriate facilities and services through the support of the school management for the diverse needs and activities of campus community; and to create a sense of community that fosters enduring loyalty to the institute.

The vision of the Students’ Union Government (SUG), is to be the arena and encouraging activities of students and to be among the top national level unions in student development opportunities. The union is student–specified place, student-accessibility and student-beneficial and seeks to attain excellence in all areas of human endeavor.

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The Students’ Union Government (SUG) sole aims to achieve the following objectives at:

  1. Taking care of the welfare of the students and to promote the interest generally for its members.
  2. To Promote the social, cultural, intellectual, moral and sporting activities of its members.
  3. Protecting the freedom of thought and expression as regards academics and to encourage good relations between the Students’ body and the staff of the University.
  4. To defend the integrity of teaching profession in the country and to propagate the country and the ideals of fundamental human right.
  5. To contact, cooperate and exchange ideas with other external organisations whose aims are acceptable to the Union.
  6. To create harmonious relationship between the two existing College program (NCE and Degree).
  7. To maintain effective channel of communication between the Student body and the College authority.
  8. To inculcate the habit of transparency and accountability.

The University administrative recognizes the crucial relevance of maintaining direct communication and conversation in the process of looking out for and proffering solutions to problems, which may arise from the dynamics of life in the College. All members of the College community are therefore free to examine and discuss all questions of interest to them and to express opinions.

However, it is the allowable right of any member of the community to disagree, to hold different opinion or to think differently from others. This is an integral aspect of education and academic freedom. But due to freedom to learn is rather fragile, and for it to be meaningful, the community must always be secured from attack by extremists of whatever persuasion, which would negate this essential freedom of inquiry, by their coercive and disruptive actions, which interfere with the rights, and freedom of others.

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Students have freedom to promote causes by all orderly measures as long as they do not distort the regular and essential operations and activities of the College since such disruptions would violate the responsible exercise of free inquiry and expression.

The SUG works or survives or thrives in a democratic system of government with an absolute three  government arms which include Executive, Legislative and Judiciary arm and therefore discharging their duties independently and making sure that there is encouraging environment for the rule of law, the constitution of the Students’ Union Government as reviewed and amended in 2019 contains the rules and guiding principles of the SUG.

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