How To Make sure that your admission is genuine on JAMB portal

How To Make sure that your admission is genuine on JAMB portal

How To Make sure that your admission is genuine on JAMB portal

Many of the students usually wish to ask or to know how to check whether their admission is genuine or not. Of recent JAMB made it mandatory for the admissions of candidates to reflect on JAMB portal. JAMB (Joint admissions and Matriculation Board) regulates the admissions that is given to Nigerians in Universities, Polytechnics and colleges.

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Whenever an institution considers a candidate looking for admission, it usually reflects on JAMB Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS). During registration of JAMB, candidates are registered using phone number. Then afterwards they are advised to link the email address to their JAMB CAPS, it is very important to do so.

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However, the candidates after linking their email address to o’level  are expected to keep on checking on JAMB caps so that they can be able to either accept their admission or reject it once it comes up.

As a matter of fact once the admission can be able to reflect on JAMB caps being the area that admission shows up is seen as legit admission. It is worthy to note that candidates should make sure they follow JAMB guidelines in admission processes so that they won’t regret or cry had i known.

How To Make Your Admission Reflect on JAMB portal

In this post we will answer questions that so many university students will like to know. Some admission of some students may not reflect on JAMB caps maybe because of faculty admission or they failed to do jamb change of course so as to make the course given to them by the school to reflect. Hence this delay makes some students that have hope they have graduated to have bias mind because their admission did not reflect on jamb caps. And once your name didn’t reflect on jamb caps, no NYSC for the person. Some important steps to check include first checking whether the persons name on matriculation list.

  1. First visit the link below:

Link to Check whether your name is on Jamb matriculation list>>

2. The portal opens and you enter the correct Jamb registration number, your year of admission and then click on fetch my details button.


3. If you see congratulations with the following details below, it shows that your admission is recognized and eligible for NYSC.

Status: Congratulations, you are on the Matriculation List

4. If you see the picture below, kindly know that your admission is not recognized.

Hence you need to do regularization of admission so that the admission will be recognized and will be eligible to go for service.

Where can i do my JAMB Regularization?

It is obvious that many candidates have this kind of question in mind on the internet. This guide will walk you through what you are looking for. Please you have to know that JAMB have made regularization to only be made in their Office. Since you cannot do it in the cyber CAFE or  JAMB accredited center, you are advice to locate the venue of the nearest JAMB office near you.

How long can regularization be done and it will reflect and what process does it pass through?

Regularization steps are four. First after the JAMB office will capture your details and give you print out. After that you will submit it to your institution for approval. After approval by the school, it will be sent to the state office which head quarter will approve it afterwards. Hence it takes average of 5-8 months to pass through these processes.

How to reduce or shorten time for jamb Regularization for few months or weeks or days?

JAMB regularization passes a particular process to be approved. Hence it cannot be fast forwarded.

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