Examination malpractice and it’s consequences in Imo State University

Examination malpractice and it’s consequences in Imo State University

What is examination malpractice and what inspires it

Introduction on Examination malpractice

Talking about examination malpractice, it has become a culture among the teaming Nigeria youths who do not see much reason to work hard and take their studies very seriously. Examination malpractice is a situation were by students tries by all means possible to cheat in an examination. Most time, the common way is by going to the examination hall with piece of handwritten, suspected answers to the examination about to be written.

Definition of Examination malpractice

In other words, it is a situation whereby concise information is written on a sheet of paper by students in other to cheat in the examination hall. Most times, student even tear apart their test books in other to take a very relevant part of it to the examination hall to cheat and pass their examination.
Examination malpractice has so grown among the Nigeria youths so much so that is becoming a norm among students. It has taken a systematic dimension, where someone students form a gang and share among them different areas to either read and memories or copy on a piece of paper.
This become a division of labor whereby everyone on the group contribute to the success of the gang by supplying their quota. In some occasions, students take electronic gadget like phones into the examination hall for cheating. The most amazing and funny one is writing note on the laps and different part of the body so that the supervisor or invigilator will never find out.
One is totally amazed at the length of work put together to cheat in an examination hall and what inspires such behavior among Nigerian youths.
Most scholars have argued that the academic system and the bad governance of the country contributes a lot to it but whatever be the case examination malpractice is a culture all students need to stop.
Here are some reasons why examination malpractice should be stopped by all Imo State University students.

Five Reasons why all Imo State University students and the Nigerian youths should not engage in examination malpractice

  1. Examination malpractice prevent you from been the best you can be; when your whole mind has been fixed in cheating, you do not see reasons to study hard and when you don’t study your best is hidden. Student need to understand that hard work pays off and the more a student studies hard, the innate abilities are discovered and potential are made visible. So is pertinent that all students of Imo state university start working hard and dismiss the very idea of examination malpractice.
  2. Examination malpractice kills reading habit and when your reading habits die the power of your mind is reduced to nothing; it becomes like a loaded gun without trigger
  3. Examination malpractice reduce the productivity of a nation, it makes a nation consumer instead of producers. Every nation that consumes without producing is as good as dead.
  4. Examination malpractice makes an individual worthless , capacity cannot be measured; you don’t know what you are good at and where you need to improve
  5. Self development is totally eliminated by examination malpractice; this makes student always wanting one form of assistance or the other. But the reverse inculcate discipline and self development among students in Imo State University.

The deadly consequences of examination malpractice

However, not only that examination malpractice is not good, it also has deadly consequences.
Examination malpractice has a deadly consequence, aside the numerous effect of examination malpractice the deadliest consequence of examination malpractice is expulsion. Imo state university like other schools in both private and public schools in Nigeria has zero tolerance for examination malpractice which if a student is cut lead to expulsion. Many students have been expelled from the school because if examination malpractice. Some of them were caught in their final year, some in 300 level and so on. The level however doesn’t matter, whether year one or final year, any student caught cheating can be expelled if found guilty by the school senate.

Process of expulsion in Imo state university

In Imo State University, there is a legal process of expulsion. Before a student is expelled, the student would have to face the school panel. The panel would have to determine the credibility of the claim of malpractice. This is to make sure that lectures don’t use it against students because they have issues or misunderstanding.
At first, the student will have to fill malpractice form in the examination hall. When a student is caught cheating in the examination hall, or do other things that contravene the school examination rules, the supervisor oblige the student with malpractice form to fill.
This form is however submitted to the school senate, on invite, the student faces the school senate to defend his/her self. If found guilty a penalty is given by the offence committed, if found guilty of malpractice, the student is expelled.


Avoid examination malpractice and embrace hard work and self development, you won’t believe the height you will attain in life.
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