6 Ways on how to increase your chances of passing Examinations in Imo State University

6 Ways on how to increase your chances of passing Examinations in Imo State University

6 Ways on how to increase your chances of passing Examinations in Imo State University

So many people have wondered the reasons why they fail their exams despite the efforts they put in. It is very heart breaking and demoralizing that so many people pass through hectic rigorous stress of getting into the University whether the one of their choice fail to keep the fire burning after still getting admission.

Also students in Nigeria usually have this enthusiastic spirit when they finally get admission, hence they engage usually in burn midnight candles and attend Night classes in the Universities like Imo State Univerity Owerri so as to actualize the dreams they had initially coupled with the promises they had within themselves not only graduating with first class but also graduating as best students in their respective disciplines.

This makes them not to be distracted at all. They try to desist from activities initially that will take off their eyes from following the footprints of high achievers both morally, spiritually, and academically.

Aside the aforementioned characters exhibited by the students, parents also try to encourage their children to always make out the best in them. But it looks as if the main role lies in the hands of the students. The students have so much efforts to put in place so as to write their name with golden pen. Below are the ways to increase your chances of passing examinations as a student of Imo State University.

  1. Read and understand your books:

This is the main thing that is very important in passing of exams and needs to be taken seriously.  To read and understand  a book is not just going through the words but also try to put yourself in the writers mind. While reading your books also make sure you have writing materials around you so as to make notes. Also try to  condition your mindset to the reading so that you don’t get distracted.

While reading even if you aren’t understanding, make sure you aren’t depressed. There is this kind of storage the human being have that sometimes things you read are stored in the subconscious mind. Hence develop the habits of regular reading so as to pass well. While reading also look out for past questions of people that have passed through the same examination. If possible engage in group reading so that you wont miss out in any area of the examination.

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2. Always practice good eating Habits:

There is this mindset that makes people believe that since they are reading for examination, they focus more on the books more than their health. The truth of the matter is that health  is more important than anything else.

Have you wondered even purging on your examination day and maybe you understood the course you want to write perfectly well? You will agree with me that despite your preparations were perfect, you cant write the examination with full confidence because you will be running up and down to ease yourself from the state of the purging.

Hence make sure you eat very well because mental stress consume more calories of energy than any other stress. Your brain needs energy to function very well. Hence make sure you eat. And make sure you help yourself with fruits also to enable you get refreshed always.

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3. Attend the Examination venue on time:

Some people that want to write examinations get engaged in themselves by constant reading and may also continue reading even on the day of exam. The also find it difficult to come to examination venue promptly.  Just imagine having an interview and you finally reach the interview ground and discover they have already done the interview. You will be devastated very well. I remembered in my university days when i prepared for a examination on the eve of the day of examination, i attended night class with a friend of mine and we went early in the morning and was happy.

Though i was very much weak in the morning because the night was so much filled with strenuous reading. The examination was scheduled in the morning. Fortunately, i didn’t went late, immediately i reached my house in the morning, i had to pick up my things and started coming to the examination venue in the morning as if i had examination in the morning. When i reached there the door to the hall was open. Then i settled quietly with others. I didn’t know that the lecturer that was handling the course will even come the morning.

He saw how everyone settled quietly as if we were waiting for him. He then  asked us the time we are expected to write the examination and we relied that it was in the evening. He screamed with a loud voice that it is not possible to write his  examination in the evening, that we should settle down and get ready and as well call other of our friends that are not around so that they can come quickly and write the examination. The other of my friend went home after the night class and was sleeping like a baby so that he will have sound mind while writing the examination.

So i had to call him to hasten up quickly even without bathing so that he will partake in the examination exercise he prepared for. So at the end he was very happy despite that his eyes were red when he entered the examination hall, at least he didn’t miss out at all.

So if he had slept and having in mind that the paper would be in the evening, he would have missed it and retake it as carryover. Hence coming early into the examination is very important so that you will settle and as well write well. Some students usually know what to write but because they came late into the examination hall, they might even be confused of what to write put of tension brought by exam.

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4. Dressing well:

It is said that the way you dress is same way you are dressed. Some people doesn’t care in looking good and descent while going into the examination hall. I remember in my secondary school days my elder cousin usually go for shopping anytime he has exam. I thought that he wasn’t getting it right doing that. I never knew it was a wise idea too. Even after preparing for exam and then dressing shabbily sometime invigilators may see you and toss you up and down like a coin and cannot do anything.

But appearance matters and makes it welcomed for you to be presentable even if you are taking oral exam. To the male folks, don’t wear bad clothes that makes you look awkward. One good thing about being educated is that you are being expected to be principled and organized. Appear matured so that you can pass well.

Then on the other hand if you are a female, try not to wear seducing clothes or abstract wears that makes you look odd. Looking odd will make you to be spotted easily even if you are innocent. You also be made object of caricature when spotted. Even if some people around you are carrying expo or are talking inside the examination hall, your presence will be noticeable once invigilator comes there. Some invigilators may even think of demanding somethings from you after the lectures because you aren’t well dressed.

5. Avoid Examination Malpractice:

Avoiding examination malpractice is very important. Sometimes some students prepare very well and even write well in examination hall but due to they engage in examination malpractice, it usually affect them. Sometimes it makes than to even have carryover for that paper or even repeatedly failed. Hence desist from malpractice during examination so as to pass well. Obey all instructions and don’t fault to any.

6. Optimistic Mindset and Pray:

Some people during examination, they usually have this fear in them that they might fail. It is very appalling that you don’t have to jeopardize anything. It is important to make sure you try and have positive mindset towards your examination. Also make sure you write very well and then pray to God to help you so that you will pass or excel.


In conclusion passing of examination is very important in academic life of every individual, hence try and know that what is worth doing is what doing well. Hence make sure you follow the above steps very well so that your name will be written with golden pen. Despite it is not easy to go through the stress, but try and make out the best out of it despite how hard the country is.

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