Reasons why having foundational education in Nigeria is better
Reasons why having foundational education in Nigeria is better


Imo State university Owerri is one of the popular Universities in Nigeria offers an entrepreneur course that gives students in 100 level and 200 level the opportunity to learn a skill and develop themselves in different . The relevance of this course cannot be over emphasized. By offering the course, students can go far into it which can be an added skill for them both in school and when they graduate so as to be relevant to the society. Below are list of the skills offered in their  general studies (GST) called Entrepreneurship (GST 108 for 100level and GST 223 for 200Level students).

Imo state University as an ICT loving institution have made its enrollment of students into the course easier by putting it up online. Now it can be easily registered online by visiting the link and inputting student’s details and then printing their registration slip online.

Furthermore this entrepreneurship is practically oriented and is meant to equip the students so that they will be job creators and not job seekers while in school and afterwards. Also every skill have an instructor which is a professional in that field that impacts knowledge into the students.

There are designated practical venue for each skill which takes place on every Friday of the week. The instructor are mandated to teach the students and provide for them necessary materials needed for the practicals to be conducted. The period of teachings lasts for few months thereafter continuous assessment or quizzes are conducted.

The following are skills that are available in the program:


This deals with taking care of the hair, nails or skin for beauty purpose.

Beads Making

This deals with use of different sizes of beads to make jewelries by putting them up in a sequence.

Hair Dressing/Wig making

This is a skill that deals with customizing and putting up hair pieces for beauty purpose.

Interior/Exterior Decoration

This involves beautification of inside and outside of house to give it a long outstanding look so as to look more attractive. We have outside house decoration called exterior decoration while in house decoration called interior decoration.


Music is the arrangement of sounds that makes a meaning while dancing involves orderly movement of different parts of the body.

Story Writing/Acting/Film production

This involves writing of stories which might be true or not just to portray a picture or teachings. Film production can be seen also as use of pictures that are on motion to bring out an idea.

Baking/Cardigan making

Baking is the use of heat that is very dry to cook something. Here some chops can be made which include cakes, peanuts, biscuits, etc.

Paint Production

This is a process of use of chemicals like pigments, dissolvers, etc that have the tendency to color a building. Some of the paints include emulsions, etc.

Barbing Technology

In this skill, you learn how to give a very fine professional hair cut as well as hair treatment.

Laundry/Pest Control/Fumigation

In this type of skill, students are taught on how to wash and iron clothes as well as controlling of household pests and organisms that are harmful.

Computer Maintenance

In this skill, students are taught how to install and fix damaged computers. And to make sure they are in good conditions.

Tailoring/Fashion Designing (male)

This is the use cotton materials to make garments for males. Some necessary materials include sewing machines, cottons, needles, etc.

Tailoring/Fashion Designing (female)

This is the use cotton materials to make garments for females. Some necessary materials include sewing machines, cottons, needles, etc.

Photographing/Video Coverage

This is important and uses Camera to capture an event or capture a picture.

Make-up Artist/Fascinator

Makeup artist is important in the society because they are valuable especially in events like birthdays, weddings, etc. While Fascinators make use of clothing to make out good fashions like gele, handbags, handfans, etc.


It is very important in production of foot-wears like slippers, shoes, sandals and many others. It is a very lucrative business one will like to venture into.

Phone Repairs

Use of phones are now common in our age. This is very important in fixing of phones both software and hardware.

Cap Production/Creative Arts

In this skill, you learn how to make caps as well as other  skills like creative arts like beret, hat.

Making of twine bags, purse, and slippers

In this skill, you are taught how to produce twines, purses.

Making of Ankara bag, shoe and cap

ALso here you will learn different types Ankara bags, shoes and cap.

Food Processing

In this skill you learn different preservation methods for foods like canning, etc.

CCTV Installation


Hence the students offering these courses are advised to always partake fully into it not only for passing the course during examination but also maybe venture into it whether now or future.

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