Imsu Post UTME Registration for 2022/20223 | The Nature of Imsu Post UTME Exam | Tips To Pass Imsu Post UTME Exam

Reasons why having foundational education in Nigeria is better
Reasons why having foundational education in Nigeria is better

Imsu Post UTME Registration for 2022/20223 | The Nature of Imsu Post UTME Exam | Tips To Pass Imsu Post UTME Exam

My attention has been drawned to different fake news about imsu post UTME registration for 2022 has been fixed, which is so misleading. It’s important to let the general Public know that imsu has not fix any date for imsu post UTME commencement for 2022 academic section  sales of form. If you want to get the information as to when imsu will start selling their Post utme/DE or screening, kindly bookmark this page or chat us with the number below and also know how does imsu post UTME examination looks like.

The Nature of Imsu Post UTME Exam

The nature of imsu post UTME examination is what most imsu prospective students really want to know, well is normal as every right thinking individual will want to know the nature of every assignment they want to undertake so as to know how to face it bravely. IMSU post utme has been computer based test for sometime now like other universities and it is also computer based test (CBT).

Things to know about imsu post UTME examination are listed as follows:

  • Imsu post UTME has the total of 20 questions
  • Time duration is 40 minutes sometimes 30 minutes.
  • Imsu post UTME registration is computer based test.
  • Each question has (10 marks ).
  • Imsu post UTME is over 400 just like jamb.
  • The post UTME consist of all the four subjects that was taken during jamb examination.

What about imsu departmental cut off mark and Tips on how to pass Imsu Post utme 2022/2023?

Imsu departmental cut off mark is derived from the jamb and post UTME scores divided by 2. For example, Blessing got 250 in her jamb and 240 in her post UTME exams; 250 + 240 = 490. 490 ÷ 2 = 245.

Assuming imsu Blessing applied for Theater Arts and the departmental cut off mark for Theater Arts is 230 then it means that blessing will be offered admission on the merit list. How is the best way to write and pass imsu post UTME examination?

As stated earlier, imsu post UTME examination is computer based and time allocation is 30 minutes. 20 questions might sound so easy right ? But the uninvited tension unease that comes with exams disorganized a determined person so the first thing to do when you get to the exam hall is to take a deep breath and remain as calm as possible.

You must be calm to be able to write very well, the problem with tension is that it makes you forget everything you know and make you fail things ordinary you won’t fail; it incapacitates you and replaces your strength with weakness, your hope with hopelessness; make sure you are calm and relaxed because it is when you are calm and relaxed that you will be at your best and give in your best.

Furthermore, make sure you attempt all the questions, starting with the ones you know; don’t waste time on questions you don’t know the answer, make sure your computer is okay and firmly plugged and charging. Report any irregularities or malfunctioning of your system to the invigilator. Then make sure you submit your work at the end of the examination.

Will IMSU conduct post utme exam or will it be screening this year 2022/23?

This is one of the questions so many aspirants of Imo State University ask for after applying for IMSU post utme 2022/23. It is true that some previous years back imsu conducted screening while in some years too they too exams too. For this year, it is pertinent to keep in touch with the school portal or we will keep you posted on our blog on recent updates towards taking of post utme exams for screening.

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