O level Verification, what is o level Verification, why is it compulsory and steps for o level Verification

What is o level Verification?

O level Verification is the verification of o level results by the school management, to confirm the authenticity of the result. In a simple term, it is to check and cross check whether the result is original.

O level verification

This process is carried out because some people often present fake results to the school and this process helps to curtail such misbehave. This process helps to fish out those who have fake results or borrowed results from friends, and family. So because of the possibility of fake results, the school makes the o level Verification compulsory so as to fish out wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Steps of o level Verification

There are three major steps for o level verification; the first step is an online payments, students are to make an online payment and obtain a receipt.

To make this payment, contact WISETECH on 08130892559 Locate WISETECH at Imsu extension gate.

The second stage is to take the receipt to the bursary for authentication and signing. The third stage, having made an online payment and having signed your receipt, you can now proceed to the exams and record to verify your o level. At the exams and record, students are to make another payment, the payment is purported to be for WAEC card, please don’t bay WAEC card; just go there with the money. Two sitting is 5000 thousand Naira while one sitting is 2500 Naira.

o level verification

To make this payment and other student related payments, contact WISETECH on 08130892559

O level verification is part of the sundry payments which includes; verification, matriculation gown, sports and  medicals.


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