Imsu/Uniuyo/futo Screening Method For 2020/2021 Admission (see how to calculate your WAEC result)

Imsu Screening Method For 2020/2021 Admission (see how to calculate your WAEC result)

The Imo state university has decided to carry out screening this year instead of its conventional method of writing exams. This however is because of the deadly Covid-19 virus that has been a thorn in flesh to humanity.

On this post I will be showing you how screening is done with jamb and WAEC results. After reading this article you will be able to calculate your projected score and probably your aggregate.

Imsu Screening Method For 2020/2021 Admission (see how to calculate your WAEC result)

The convention for all universities in Nigeria to arrive at the cut off mark or aggregate is simply jamb score plus the post UTME score divided by two. But now, imsu is not writing post UTME, how then are they going to arrive at the aggregate? That is exactly what I’m going to show you now.

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Before we verge into the how the school will arrive at the aggregate, let us look into WAEC result, and how they arrived at the grading of all WAEC results.


A1 EXCELLENT 75 – 100

B2 VERY GOOD 70 – 74

B3 GOOD 65- 69

C4 CREDIT 60% – 64%

C5 CREDIT 55 – 59

C6 CREDIT 50 – 54

D7 PASS 45 – 49

E8 PASS 40 – 45

F9 FAILURE 0 – 44

Now, having known how WAEC grad is arrived at, we can comfortably calculate our grades. But then, is the school using all the WAEC result on the screening process?

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During jamb registration, all prospective students had chosen four courses according to their area of interest and discipline. For example, Chioma wrote English, Literature, Government and CRK on jamb. These four courses only will be used during the screening process. Let us go a little further and calculate Chioma’s aggregate.

Let’s assume Chioma scores 250 in jamb; then on her WAEC, she had English B3 (65), Literature C5 (55), Government B2 (70), and CRK A1 (75) now, 65+55+70+75 =265. 265 + 250(jamb score) =515 ÷2=257.5

Chiomas aggregate is 257, let us also assume that Chioma applied for law and law cut off mark is 250; then Chioma is sure of her admission.

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I hope this post was useful? If you are confused about anything please contact us. Also tell us how you feel about the post and leave a comment here. We wish you success and pray you get your admission this year, from all of us at IMSU WISE GIST.




  1. Very impressive. I truly acknowledge the stance in which the admission process is going in your revered institution. Thanks in a bunch.

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