Breaking News This Morning

Breaking News This Morning

Nigeria Troops Kills 9 Bandits In Kaduna Abuja Highway.

Nigeria troops have killed 9 bandits along Kaduna Abuja highway. The Kaduna Abuja highway has been a dead zone. A lot of kidnapping and banditry has been reported around this area.

Breaking News This Morning

Nigerians had called out several times that the military and men of the Nigerian police be deployed to that area to restore sanity. It was a huge relieve when troops of the Nigerian army killed 9 bandits over gun fire that lasted for more than two hours.

Breaking News This Morning

FG: January Will Be Tough

The chairman for Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) Chikwe Ihekweazu said January will be tough. According to him January will be tough because Nigerians have constantly violated Covid-19 rules.

Breaking News This Morning

According to him, most Nigerian go ahead living their normal life; not minding the second wave of the virus. He also pointed out that some Nigerians don’t believe the virus exists and because of it they constantly violate Covid-19 rules.

The government has contributed and aided this violation too by compelling Nigerians to enrol for National Identification Number (NIN) in the mist of this virus. NIN enrolment centres around the country is very few and is bringing about large gathering of people. The government should immediately make available more centres to avoid large gathering.

It’s pertinent to point out too that the virus is real. So protect yourself, use your face masks, avoid large gathering and wash your hands constantly.

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